24 November 2011

Who are we?

With Them is a not-for-profit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium, whose mission it is to provide supportto sustainable development projects, primarily in the context of health and education in Senegal.

Once a year, members from With Them visit our projects onsite to ensure their smooth running
as well as monitor and evaluate their progress.  All travel expenses, as well as any operating expenses
of the association, are financed by the members of With Them.

Our objectives for 2011-2015 is to continue with our current strategy; ensure the long-term sustainability
of each project and continue to identify the urgent needs of local communities related to health and education.


Our initiatives are realised by:

  • A team of 8 members: Véronique Koentges, Yolande De Bontridder, Michel Espeel, Martine Garsou,
    Gwen Vande Pitte, Antoine Biot, Michael Van Coevorden et Guy Laloire

To learn more about our staff, click here

  • A network of scientific and technical advisors willing to provide their services to the projects
  • Funds raised through donations and cultural events (concerts, conferences, etc.)