24 November 2011

Our staff

With Them is composed of a team of passionate individuals who, despite already having active professional careers, want to devote their time to improving the lives of vulnerable communities.

Administrators :

  • Antoine Biot, entrepreneur
  • Guy Laloire, psychologist
  • Gwen Vande Pitte, former manager of the Ghent Film Festival 
  • Martine Garsou, sociologist
  • Michel Espeel, industrial
  • Véronique Koentges, trained doctor
  • Yolande De Bontridder, consultant in contemporary art  

Members :

  • Louise Cliche, graphic designer
  • Marie Loeb, communications assistant
  • Michael Van Coevorden, photographer – wine merchant
  • Mikael Ruttkay Hylin, producer – screenwriter – director – photographer

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