24 November 2011

How we work

We believe in universal basic rights, and the right to access education and good health; these are indispensable
to enable individuals to secure their livelihoods and achieve their full potential. 

Our objectives may be big, but we are determined to contribute as much as we can, in collaboration
with other associations, to participate in the development of these fundamental rights.

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Our work takes two forms:


Project funding is provided through donations and events organised in Belgium by our staff and volunteers.
These are mainly in the form of cultural events (concerts, plays, exhibition visit …) and other fun activities.

We can confirm that 100% of the profits collected go towards supporting our projects.

Thanks to the success of these fundraising initiatives, our annual funding has reached around 20,000 €.

Awareness raising

An important function of our events is to raise awareness of the problems that the communities we support
are confronted with.